The Advanced Infrared Biology Research Lab

FAQ for the FTIR Scheduling Application


The URL for the Scheduling Application is


How to Obtain a User Name and Password for the FTIR Scheduling Application

Contact one of the IRSB Faculty for permission to access the scheduling application. See IRSB Personnel for contact information.



Online Reservation for Meeting with the Facility Director: Dr. Aihua Xie

Purpose: Explore possible applications of advanced FTIR technologies to enhance your research and funding.



  1. Log into the FTIR Scheduling Application.
  2. Select "SCHEDULE → BOOKINGS" from the menu.
  3. Open Dr. Aihua Xie's schedule using the blue triangle located to the right of the title. Dr. Xie has two schedules. Please use the one named "DR. AIHUA XIE".
  4. Select an available time on the schedule to open the reservation dialog box.
  5. Add Dr. Xie as a participant using the “PARTICIPANT LIST ADD” box. This will send an email to Dr. Xie notifying her of the meeting.
  6. Check the "SEND REMINDER" box to so that all participants will receive an email reminder prior to the meeting.



  • If you have not turned on email reminders using "MY ACCOUNT → NOTIFICATION PREFERENCES" you will not receive email reminders.
  • If you do not add Dr. Xie as a participant and check the send reminder box Dr. Xie will not be notified about the meeting.


Pre-Meeting Preparations:

  • Send Dr. Aihua Xie ( a brief email with the topics you wish to discuss (no attachments).
  • Do some literature studies and bring a few relevant papers with you.
  • Basic information about your system, such as protein sequence, structure, function. If FTIR techniques have been applied to your system, please bring some of these papers.
  • You are encouraged to bring your students and postdocs with you to the meeting.


Need help to enter HBRC? Please call 744-6589 or 742-7962 when you are in HBRC.